Friday, July 21, 2006

Anecdotes For The Today, So Far

"I'll have to ring you back because my thing's all frozen up." - comment on the phone from one of our suppliers. It was cool this morning but I didn't think it to be that cold. To avoid any sexual harrassment lawsuit I kept my mouth shut. It was a lady on the other end of the phone.

I imagine that selling suntan to Arabs would be as difficult as selling a fridge to an eskimo or coal to Newcastle.

"I'm Busy. You're an Idiot. Have a Nice Day." - t-shirt slogan I spotted at lunchtime.

The teller's name at the bank today was Sa. I bet she gets all kinds of army jokes made about it. "Yes, Sa". "No, Sa". "Right you are, Sa". Sa addressed me by my first name, which is unusual for a bank, and asked me if there was anything else she could help with. The only thing reasonable that I could think of was where the usual teller was - having a day off (lucky thing).


Hammysmum said...

What nationality would she have been?

Hammysmum said...

P.S. Actually, Eskimos do use fridges these days.

Hammy said...

Still not exactly an easy sale though. Don't know where this lady would be from. Looked south-eastern asian.

tmz_99 said...

why not sell suntan to arabs?? I imagine the ladies especially would be most worried about tough skin from the sun on their camel trecks..

Hammy said...

The arabs aren't known for showing an awful lot of skin. Not much to cover up with sunscreen.