Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jam-Packed Weekend

The weekends are always busy. So much happens in a short period of time. And sometimes more than you expect. I had even started to write a list of things to do over the weekend so that I wasn't my normal, boring husband self.

Early Saturday morning Miky realised that Yu-Jin had a birthday party to go to. Yes, we had already bought the present and RSVP'd but just forgotten when it was to be held. The party was at Hungry Jacks (Burger King in Yankee Land) and it wasn't large at all. The birthday boy's mum didn't greet us or even want to talk to us. Strange behaviour.

Miky and I went for coffee and cake. And hot chocolate as I consider coffee to be poison. Then we did a little bit of shopping together. Back to the party to collect No. 1 son and it ran a little over time. We felt like unwanted guests until it finished. No need for it to be so awkward.

Managed a hurried stopover at the library on the way home and picked up some books, strangely enough. Quick lunch at home for me and Miky finished watching a video. Yu-Jin had taekwondo and has improved quite a bit recently. He was the only yellow belt in the class, there was one red belt and the rest of the class consisted of black belts. It was a good exercise for him to spar with black belts.

After taekwondo Yu-Jin and I headed to a furniture shop to buy him a chest of drawers. Miky had a set in mind, that we saw a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted her to be clear about the one she wanted as there was a larger, more useful looking one on display also. Well, I copped a mouthful. I guess that is part of being a husband and not being particularly interested in what was to be purchased. Once I had been informed what to buy we set off. Miky spent the afternoon making dresses.

Arrived at furniture shop with tape measure at my hip. The chosen chest of drawers looked a bit small so I rang Miky to confirm. Another bloody lecture. Purchased said chest of drawers and returned home. Played soccer out the front. Yu-Jin has heaps of energy so it is good for me too.

Sunday morning was for cleaning up. Yu-Jin wanted to play computer games so I made him clean up all of his mess around the house. He did a good job and very quickly too. Hmmm, there's something in this, methinks. I vacuumed the house and then we stained the chest of drawers with oil. Yu-Jin helped and did quite a careful job. My boy is changing little by little.

Well disguised moth just hanging around the shed. Lucky my shed wasn't painted orange.

Time for a treat for the boy. I promised to take him to the trains at Castledare Miniature Railway if he passed his grading last weekend. There are a couple of signs warning drivers that turtles cross the road in these parts. What bulldust. I've driven along that road almost daily for four years and have never seen a turtle, dead or alive. And why does each sign show a different breed of turtle?

Turtle crossing sign.

Another turtle crossing sign.

The Castledare Miniature Railway was open especially for the school holidays and they decided to use a different station than the usual one. It was a busy day in the adjacent park and there were kids everywhere. Yu-Jin had a couple of rides and was satisfied with that. Trains were followed by a playground time.

Castledare Miniature Railway engine.

The second Castledare Miniature Railway Station.

Yu-Jin waiting for the train to leave.

Miky waiting for the train to leave.

The chest of drawers was pretty much dry by the time we arrived home. When Miky put the clothes in she realised that it was no bigger than the previous chest of drawers and that a bigger unit could have been purchased. And who got blamed for that? Why wasn't she told? Well, excuse me but I did a) suggest buying a larger chest of drawers, b) phone to give the measurements, and c) bought what I was told to. And she wants me to try and take it back? After I've stained it with oil? Honestly.

It was two o'clock and we really didn't feel like cooking lunch and there was very little food in the house anyway coz Miky wanted to do the shopping on Monday, without me. Went to the Dumpling King Chinese Restaurant, where half of the menu is in Korean, and had fried mandoo and noodles in black bean sauce. Lovely.

Miky spent most of Sunday making dresses too. She was making up time so that she could look after Yu-Jin during the school holidays and not have to go to work so much. As it is, Yu-Jin is only going to child care for three days during the two weeks holidays. Let's face it, he does some more interesting things than at home and gets to play with other kids. Granted, at our expense. He can't stay at home all the time though.

Sunday night and a lady came around for an English lesson. She brought her two kids and we played games whilst Miky and the lady studied. Yu-Jin just about cleaned up at everything - Trouble, fish, not at dominos, and at memory. Ok, Trouble has a mixture of luck and skill, same as fish and dominos (for four people) but you make your own luck at memory. The little bugger came equal first with me in the first game and then won the remainder. Heck, he almost beat me at Battleships on Friday night when he'd sunk four of my ships and I'd only sunk two of his. Still managed to save face however. There's something about this boy and his competitiveness. By the time the games were over it was 9:30. I'm so glad it wasn't a school night.


Hammysmum said...

Yes, you might have copped more 'tongue pie', for keeping him up late. You wonder where he gets his competiveness from, look in the mirror!

Hammysmum said...

Are they Turtles, or Tortoises?

tmz_99 said...

that turtle looks rather like a brontsaurus..

Hammy said...

Tsk, tsk Tom. Didn't you know that the Brontosaurus name has been officially changed to Apatosaurus? What kind of a world are we living in?

tmz_99 said...

really?? nah man, it'll always be a brontosaurus to me. :) If I meet one and call him bronto I'm sure he won't take offence :P

Hammy said...

No Bronto Burgers for you Tom. Sorry man.