Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Strange Weather On The Drive In On Monday

It was one of those unusual occurrences where the sun was out but the rain was pouring. Yes, I kid you not. Just after dawn on Monday the sun was blazing and sunglasses were required. But, following a short-lived rainbow there was a decent bit of rain where headlights and fast windscreen wipers were required. I think it was brought about by little or no wind to move the clouds therefore we had about a 5/8th or 6/8th cloud cover for much of the morning. Miky finds this kind of weather difficult to fathom.

Incidentally, June was the driest recorded in Perth and we averaged about two hours of sunshine per day more than normal. The long term average is for 176mm of rain and as you can see from the chart we only experienced 28.4mm for the month.


Hammysmum said...

Last month was the driest ever recorded here, too.

ben said...

Remember last year we had one of the wettest June on record.

This year feels like the hottest winter I ever experienced yet in Western Australia.

Is it global climate change and global warming?

Hammy said...

Maybe we're just experiencing a dry winter. It's nothing to worry about really. Spring could be wet. Start building your personal desalination plants, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who's done a bit of statistics will know how to evaluate records. If it rains hard on the 30 June, we say it's a wet June, but it it didn't rain on the 30 June but the 1st July we say it's a dry June. Weather doesn't know the artificial boundary of date.

Furthermore, isn't amazing that we can go from one extreme to the other in just 1 year.

Hammy said...

Thanks Anon - Someone to back me up that there probably isn't anything to worry about.