Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pics From My Wander Around At Lunchtime

I took my camera with me during my lunchtime break today to help satisfy my curiosity and perhaps get some interesting photos. If I'm the only one who finds them interesting then so be it. Being in a group of one is nothing new, I can assure you.

Having found something that attracted my interest I then had to wander back to the office to retreive my camera battery that was charging. Doh! What do you think about the results?

People working at the Activ Foundation obviously have a different idea from others in society as to what constitutes a bus. It also struck me as funny that perhaps three cars out of 20 in the car park were older than about four years - this is a not-for-profit organisation you know and everyone seems to have a new car. Excuse me Mr Tax Officer.

Excuse me but I think that somebody has stolen your registered lawn.

Caught this gent outside the Central TAFE building in Subiaco. He is quite obviously taking a course in how to be a council worker and practising without his shovel.

The middle-aged and slightly oversized driver, wearing a suit sans tie, appeared to live by his motto.



tmz_99 said...

one commonwhore down, million to go...
I'm really liking this slice of life photo thing you've been doing

Hammy said...

Thanks for your support Tom!!