Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This Is My 1000th Post

Who would have believed that so much rubbish and venom could emanate from one individual in a mere 28 months? That's nearly 36 posts per month. That's 1.17 posts per day. I can't work out how many posts it is per sidereal day, but, you get the picture. Basically I'm just a very opinonated bastard who doesn't enjoy spending money. Unless it is somebody else's money.

For my 1000th post, on my Frugal Bastard blog, I thought that I might go to great lengths for some create writing, inner meaning, something highly philosophical and something inspiring to all that that the time to read. But then I thought that that would go against everything that I've ever done on this blog and be completely out of character. So, I've decided against it.

Hammy wiggling his eyes and ears.

What a day I've had. I got the missus to visit an auto electrician yesterday to get the choke fixed on her car. They replaced an electrical part, I believe that it was a bi-metallic spring. The car appeared to have the choke stuck on and the car was dangerous to drive. It's not every day that you have a car that drives by itself at 50km/h. I decided to take it to the mechanic next door went meant junior had to be dropped off at child care, the missus had to be dropped off at work and I would be late for work. Lucky the boss is away, eh?

Rang my workmate who has a pre-paid Optus mobile so that it wouldn't cost me anything. After the third call I realised that perhaps he'd forgotten his mobile and that turned out to be the case. Got to the mechanic's workshop and he soon found that the butterfly valve in the carby was stuck open. No wonder the car was revving too much. He wasn't able to see the car until next week as he was that busy but recommended me to his carby specialist in Osborne Park. As soon as I walked into the office there was already a phone call waiting for me to take. A sign of things to come.

I had to get one of our sales reps to follow me to give me a lift back to the office. The carby specialist said that it may have to stay overnight, which didn't please the missus when I told her, but he managed to fix the car. As he only took cash I had to trundle down to the bank at lunch time. In the meantime my phone at work ran white hot. No rest for the wicked. The car was ready before 3pm, who says there is no service these days, and the same sales rep gave me a lift. I went to Miky's work and she gave me a lift back to my office.

Busy busy at work until knock off time. On the walk back to the train station I thought that I'd call my mum and have a chat. Afterall, I had lots of free minutes left on my mobile. After a while the phone cut out. I redialed and was informed that I had no credit left. Here was me making lots of supposedly free calls lately to other pre-paid Optus users when that wasn't the case. I've been paying for all my calls over the last few days and eaten through $20 worth of credit. Whoops. Lucky I didn't have $100 credit, eh? Miky was surprised when I rang her on the home phone to collect me from the train station instead of the mobile. Yeah, me too.

There was one guy on the train who was leering at three girls sitting on the floor. One of them had a fairly open top showing her cleavage but she wasn't the one he was saying, "You're so beautiful," too. The cleavage girl told him to stop talking because he was acting like a creep. Then he stood up and parked himself right in front of the girls. The older lady he had been sitting next to beckoned the girl copping all the attention to sit next to her, which she did. This jerk abused other passengers after the girls left. There was a slightly overweight lady in her 50s and he started asking her if she was pregnant. He was calling out to anyone in the carriage if they had an issue with him. At one stop he stood next to the open door and threw the pie that he had been eating out onto the platform. Then when he finally wanted to get off he tried to pick a fight with somebody on the train. Society should find a way to get rid of people like him who waste space and air.

On the drive home from the station the car seemed to be getting hot. Miky got in a bit of a tizz as it has been nothing but spending money recently. I called the RAC and he investigated and said that it was a normal temperature. After his explanation things have calmed down a little bit.

What a day. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Probably lots of material to start the next 1000 posts.

Post Script

This site gets 20-30 visitors a day. My mum probably accounts for half of those. I guess she gets the most out of this site being available. I don't know what the rest of you have to gain from it.

Back a while, December '05, some guy by the name of Buzzchap, a proud gay man who likes crewcuts, flattops and buzzcuts, linked a photo I put of a flattop that I had. I had a total of 650 visitors in one day because of this.

Through Blogger I've made a few friends online and it's great to keep in touch via each others blogs and even emails. I have spoken to only one other Blogger, Staypuff, and that was on the phone and not face-to-face. Freaky Chick spotted me at a shopping centre once but was too scared to say hello in case of mistaken identity. It's almost a case of what's starts online stays online.

In my time using Blogger it has really matured as a medium for being your own soapbox. When I started you could upload your own pictures via FTP but you had to have your own server space available and create a hyperlink to the picture. What a hassle. Now uploading pictures to Blogger's server and the inclusion of videos that can be added within minutes makes this a fabulous tool. Oh, and there were no comments available back in March 2004. Hasn't that facilitated communication with other bloggers?

Go back to your lives people.


gleek said...

congrats on your 1000th post! may you continue on into INFINITY!

Hammy said...

Thanks Gleek. Infinity is such a long way away though.

honkeie2 said...

congrats....u know I have no idea how many post i have put in. I will have to go look later tonight. I think I might do a video blog someday and wiggle something for everyone to see ass well lol

Hammysmum said...

How do you calculate the number of postings? Yes, I do get a lot out of this Blog, as it keeps me informed as to what you are all doing. Thanx.

Hammy said...

Ma - Blogger Dashboard tells you how many posts.

Honk - You are a funny bastard.

Simone said...

Well, this is the perfect post for me to de-lurk!

I love reading about other people's lives (does that make me nosy? Yes, though I'd rather say I am curious and like to learn new stuff :D )

It's strange, I discovered David's blog first, and then yours and Lori's, but I still haven't commented on his blog yet... all in good time :D



Simone said...

I forgot to say, congrats on the 1000, ha ha!

Hammy said...

Simone - are you saying that you have been lurking around the blog and not commented before? So, you are no longer a silent stalker then. Thanks for saying Hi.

tmz_99 said...

the big 1k huh?? congrats... keep the blog alive and it'll give ur child hours of amusement and a different way to look at his father when he discovers it.. :P

Very talented ear moving...

lori said...

well done :)