Monday, July 24, 2006

I Have To Start Doing More During The Week

... Coz my weekends are too busy. Let's go back to last Thursday. Second round of the new volleyball season and the Purple Cobras, whom my missus thinks should be renamed as Lost, were up against Herb Ack Fan Club. We won the first set and narrowly lost the 2nd and 3rd sets. My serve was pretty much on song and was unplayable at times. Except for the two serves that went into the net and the one that went out of court. Heartbreaking loss.

I want to know what happened to the owner of these boots. Were they the victim of terrorists, a prank or did they just vanish?

TAZDEVIL. Typical, egotistical in-your-face Subaru driver.

Miky spent the last few nights of the week and all the weekend making dresses. That meant that it was my duty to do the cooking for much of the weekend. On Friday she went to the city with Yu-Jin and wanted to see A Barrel of Monkeys but all of the tickets were gone. So I had to take him early on Saturday morning.

The show was very exciting and the queue to get it was large. We had arrived in plenty of time to get a ticket though so there was no problem. I was wondering how they would get monkeys to perform with their little uniforms and little red hats but I needn't have. It was a production with acrobatic performers, jokes and some juggling. Great fun.

The queue for a Barrel of Monkeys.

A Barrel of Monkeys Big Top.

A Barrel of Monkeys performing in Perth.

We had time to go to the Perth Mint to watch a gold pour. That was a little exciting and quite informative. The guy giving the demonstration, sorry no photos allowed, showed us that a gold bullion bar at 800 degrees C, having cooled down from 1300 degrees in the kiln, was still hot enough to set your glove on fire. His six kilo bar was worth about A$147k at today's prices. Yu-Jin and I weigh together the equivalent of A$2.015m of gold. That'd be nice. There was a 12 kilo gold bullion bar that you could lift. That's quite a heavy $300000-odd paperweight.

Here's a gold digger at the Perth Mint.

Early gold prospecting living quarters at The Perth Mint.

All the comforts of home, not.

This guy looks gobsmacked at the size of the gold nugget they have discovered - Statue is called "The Strike".

The Perth Mint. A majestic building dating back to 1899.

"The Strike" Statue at the entrance to the Perth Mint.

The kilns at the side of the Perth Mint.

Either somebody had a big night or has a grudge against this establishment.

Had to shoot home to cook lunch before zipping off for taekwondo. Miky and I did the shopping together whilst Yu-Jin did his sport. He had to spar with the instructor, a 7th dan black belt, and managed to score six points!! Too bad that the instructor was up to 89 points.

HOOKMEUP- does he mean with a woman or is it something to do with golf? It was in the golf course car park, afterall.

Sunday morning. Golf morning. A 1.6 degrees morning. Nevermind, it's a golf day. My mates Joe and Shayne organised for eight players to meet at Collier Park for a game. The others included Terry, James, Mike, Pete and Gabe. It is probably the first time that I've ever been called early to the tee. Not your ordinarily hectic Sunday morning at the golf course. Terry suggested that we each put $5 in and the winner on the day based on handicap would win the lot. It was soon after that that I discovered Terry plays off 12 and my 18 handicap would realistically be closer to 22 or 23.

Getting off the tee has been my biggest problem of late. Can't seem to keep the ball on the fairway and end up in the trees off to the right. I only hit two drives into the trees to the right out of twelve drives, two bad but not terrible slices and one shank to the left, which, is understandable if you are trying to get rid of a terrible slice. I was very happy with my driving. Much better to be 30% in the rough than 80-90% off the tee. It was a pity that the rest of my game went to pieces and apart from a couple of really nice 4-irons I couldn't hit an iron to save myself and the putter, normally my best club, didn't behave either.

Joe brought out his 300m + driver. Shayne and Joe had me a little bit worried with the trash talking that took place prior to us getting to the course. But, the driver was off yesterday. Mine, like I said, behaved quite well and I was outdriving the others. It was a pretty tight tussle all day with nobody really playing well pars were few and far between. There were a few birdie chances but nobody took them. Joe almost holed a chip on the 17th for birdie but that was as close as it got.

Joe with his 300m + driver.

I guess that none of us were really pleased about our games, especially as I three putted for bogey on the par-3 17th and then triple bogeyed the last, and weren't expecting to win the prizemoney. Talk about horror when Joe and I discovered that with nett 77s we were only one shot behind Gabe in collecting. Aaaggh!!

Miky made five kimbap (sushi for those not au fait with Korean cuisine) rolls for lunch and they were devoured pretty damn quickly. Then she suggested that we go for a walk. I'd just walked for about seven kilometres but that didn't make any difference. So we headed down to South Perth and Yu-Jin and I played kick to kick for a good minutes or so before Miky rejoined us. Following that he mucked around on the playground. Then we went for a long walk where Miky told stories.

Playground in South Perth.

Boys will be boys.

You wouldn't think that this is the middle of Winter in Perth, would you?

Some rich bastards will be moving in next to Fraser Park in South Perth soon.

Back home and I made tacos for tea. Yum. There was a documentary on the ABC about fresh water on Earth narrated by Sir David Attenborough so we all watched that before heading to bed. Like I say, I need to do more during the week so I can take it a bit easier on the weekend. We didn't even get time to clean the house properly.

Does Yu-Jin think that he's Michael Jordan or something?


Hammysmum said...

Please explain. Michael Jordon was a basketnaller, yes? What's with the 'digeridoo?'Has he got your shoes on?

Hammy said...

Michael Jordan had big shoes, as he was a basketball player, and Yu-Jin has mine on, and he had a penchant for smoking cigars. There's the correlation.

Hammysmum said...

Ta, verry much. I was right then. Almost.

tmz_99 said...

ah, so they weren't real monkeys.. I was getting rather preplexed by the large tent.