Thursday, June 01, 2006

Which Uni Did This Marketing Student Attend?

Going for my early morning walk this morning, the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere, and I spotted a new advertising poster. It was for a new ice cream called Cocoa and advertised as chocolate on a stick.

Now, that doesn’t seem like the ideal time to launch a new ice cream but what do I know about marketing? But then again, I'm the sort of bloke that will eat an ice cream or icy pole during the coldest of weather and have a hot cup of tea in the heat of summer. I'm probably one of those guys who would buy this ice cream.

Damn, they have marketed it well, come to think of it. It's aimed at me and I've noticed it immediately. Clever people these marketing types.


Anonymous said...

Are you the only person on the planet?

Hammy said...

I'm the only one that matters. Why do you ask?