Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Time For The Queen's Birthday Holiday To Be Scrapped

We all know that the Poms don't even get a holiday for the Queen's Birthday and there has been talk about it in Australia for years. Yesterday, in the eastern part of the country anyway, was the Queen's Birthday Holiday. We don't have it in Western Australia until the first weekend in October. It's not even Queen Elizabeth's birthday - it's for Queen Victoria.

On the telly in the morning they were discussing having a day off in honour of the lamington, an Australian culinary invention, and other such things. Yes, keep the day off but just change the name.

I reckon we should have Socceroos' Day in honour of our first goals and win in the World Cup finals against Japan last night. Perfect timing to replace the Queen's Birthday Holiday. Or Cahill Day after Tim Cahill and his two goals.

What warmed my heart the most was when the controversial goal was allowed and the 15000 Aussies in the crowd started singing, "The referee's a wanker!!" After the game the referee apologised and said that the goal should not have stood. Luckily he can say that after the Aussies triumphed 3-1 and he didn't get bashed in the carpark.

C'mon Aussies.


Hammysmum said...

I heartily agree, it is time we scrapped this holiday. But what, if anything we change it to, I have no suggestions. I think we have far too many public holidays, anyway.

gleek said...

no offense but i watched that replay like ten times. one of the aussie players pushed the japanese guy into the goalie. it totally wasn't his fault. and you won anyway. if i were the ref, i would have stood by that decision.

Hammy said...

Ma - coming from someone who doesn't work that's a bit rich. He he.