Thursday, June 15, 2006

How Do These People Get Through Journalist School?

On the way to work this morning, in my misfiring car which I just discovered has something wrong with the head and is likely to cost me $2000 with associated radiator repairs as well, I heard Tunisia (pr. Tjunizia) pronounced as Tunizia (imperial measurement ton). At work during the day I heard that there was an interview that they were about to play with John Alezia. After they played his interview the newsreader corrected herself and said that his name was Tony Alezia. He is, in fact, called John Aloisi.

Now I'm surprised that Togo, pronounced Toe-go, wasn't mispronounce as Takeaway (To go) because not too many people have heard about it.

Common theme here - all these mispronunciations are to do with the World Cup. Our journalists obviously have no interest in the round ball game normally and are just trying their best. Pathetic really. Especially as John Aloisi plays for Australia.

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