Thursday, June 01, 2006

Saw Tyson Stenglein At Coles At Lunchtime

With the risk of the missus and I just communicating via free calls on our mobiles lately as we have been so busy, she rang me just before lunch and wanted to have a chat when I was at lunch. I thought we could do better than that and so took a quick drive to her workplace, some five minutes down the road, so we could sit down and have lunch together.

Popped into Coles to buy a drink and lined up at the cashier behind Tyson Stenglein from the West Coast Eagles. He looks much more pumped on the telly as he is quite a muscular bugger but with his shabby looking Eagles tracksuit he didn't look that impressive in the flesh. If I'd gotten close enough I would have had a dig at him and said that he'd look so much better in a black and red tracksuit, i.e. Essendon.

Nice that the missus and I had time for lunch together. When she worked nearby before I popped in a couple of times to say "G'day" but we never got to do lunch.

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