Monday, June 26, 2006

What I Got Upta On De Weegend

Quite busy at times, it were. Saturday saw us do lots of shopping before a hastily prepared, yet long cooking time-involved, lunch prior to heading off to taekwondo. I needed a haircut, and so did the boy, but the boy didn't have any clothes to change into. I asked him if he was ok with going to the city in his taekwondo uniform and he had no objections. Well, not initially. He got heaps of looks because of it and might have regretted that decision.

When I stopped at an ATM the guys behind us were talking about taekwondo and one of them pulled out a taekwondo master's card - he has obviously reached 4th or 5th dan black belt or the equivalent. Many people asked if he did karate. Yu-Jin gets a lot of that at school and he says he doesn't bother to tell them that it's not karate.

We both had a mop chop and did a bit more shopping. Asian food this time. Whilst waiting for the CAT bus, which takes its time to arrive, I spoke with some Singaporeans here on holiday and the nephew, Markus, does taekwondo also. Slightly more learned people. Grabbed pizzas on the way home for tea. Yu-Jin stayed up to watch Superman III whilst I went to bed as I couldn't stay up for the Germany vs Sweden match, as I felt unwell, and I planned to get up for the replay of Argentina vs Mexico. Unfortunately they played extra time and so the replay was delayed and I ended up only seeing 22 minutes of the game before heading back to bed.

Painted the toilet a bright white colour on Sunday, kicked the soccer ball with the boy, and then we all went to the library. I'm glad that the boy enjoys books and so we spent a bit of time there.

Played some card games and Yu-Jin is very keen on poker. He keeps getting three-of-a-kind and winning easily so he thinks the game is fun. I'm not playing him for money.

Early Monday morning and I watched the replay of Portugal vs The Netherlands without knowledge of the score. Talk about a spiteful match. It was pretty ugly. The ref lost a bit of control and should have sent a player from either side off earlier than he did. Plenty of bone-crunching action though.


Hammysmum said...

How much longer will you be suffering sleep deprivation?

Hammy said...

'Til July the 9th/10th.

tmz_99 said...

Sounds like a pretty full on weekend.. I thought most toilets were white to start with?? :P
WIsh I didnt have a 5 am start, would watch the game 2nite :S

Hammy said...

Tom - Bummer. I'll be getting up at five to watch what I'm recording tonight. I can't afford to have such a late night either. Our toilet was some, pardon the pun, crappy yellow colour.

Hammysmum said...

Now that Oz is out of the game, are you still going to get up at the crack of dawn to watch?

Hammy said...

More than likely this will be the case. It's the only guilt-free opportunity to watch sport that I get in four years.

Hannelie said...

HI hammy,
I found your comment on my blog, thanks for visiting. Yip, glad to be in AuZ and also hope that those problems doesn't come over here, I can atleast say the police is great here althought not alot of Aussies want to recognise it, in SA they (police) don't even show up sometimes if you call them and they are very corrupt in some places! We had a few that made mistakes and wasn't suitable for the job but most of them do a great job!
After all they do what their job is about to do and only take their orders, I hate it when people makes it personal and target the coppers as all bad!

Any how, my kids use to do TKD too here but gave up after their natural father wasn't cooperative to take them when he had contact with them, they lost out on graduation and lessons and didn't progress fast and gave up. I was dissapointed but I don't want to force them into sport they don't want to do any longer. They both only got up to green belts!