Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Expensive Car Repairs

I may have mentioned that I got my car back last Thursday. It was expensive. I had to pay an arm and a leg. Oh, I think one of my testicles was also used as payment. Hmmm, not much change out of three grand.

Not only was the head gasket buggered but it lead to one of the cylinders having to be replaced. The radiator, which apparently lead to the problem, only needed to be flushed and all of the hoses, clamps, pulleys, water heater etc had to be replaced. I can console myself that it hasn't had a lot of work over the years and so all the maintainence costs have been rolled into one hit. I can try anyway. It's running quite well now. And so it ought to be.

What I find most amusing is that with all the points collected on my credit card I should be able to fly anywhere I like long before I could afford to drive there.


Hannelie said...

Anywhere but SA!

Hammysmum said...

Is that South Australia or South Africa?
If the former, what is wrong with it?