Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Purple Cobras Went Down Again Tonight

It was a much better performance tonight however. On the way to the game I was listening to The Living End and their song Wake Up. Man, I was pumped. But, alas, the last song I heard before arriving at the sports stadium was a cover of This Time I Know It's For Real by The Young Divas. Nice song but it mellowed me out.

We played alright, in patches. Couldn't believe that we lost the first set as we played well. The second set was close and the third we lost 25-23. Damn, so close.

The feathers were flying. Well, the skin was crawling. I took a bit off my knees tonight. Perhaps that's what we need, a little more committment. We enjoyed ourselves and are starting to get it together. Just in time for us to be bottom of the ladder before finals. Ha ha.

Number Plates

Couple of spiffy number plates spotted this arvo.

THE SITH - on a black ute.
THE GEEZA - on a new Landrover.


lori said...

i have seen "Sith" on a big black harley davidson, with a fat man riding on it, and a great view of his plumbers crack as his tshirt flapped merrily in the breeze as we were zipping along tonkin highway...

Hammy said...

The things some of you kids do for amusement. He he.

I did spot "UNDER8D" on Sunday.