Monday, June 12, 2006

Early Morning Walk Required

Not that I'm feeling fat or anything. No, there is a great deal of building work going on across the road from our office and they have removed much of the parking on the street. It just meant that I had to park a bit furhter away than I'm used to. I guess it isn't a bad thing as I stayed up late to watch Serbia & Montenegro vs The Netherlands at the World Cup last night. Bit unfair that - two countries, Serbia and Montenegro, taking on poor, diminuative Holland all by themselves. Anyway, it lead to a bit of a sleep-in as I didn't feel like getting up too early.

Bit of reach in this sucker.

She takes up a bit of the roadway.


Hammysmum said...

I have checked, and it doesn't say this is a cement pourer!!! Think you need some sleep, too much soccer.

Hammy said...

Sorry, put your mouse over the picture and it is included in the name.