Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Another Dickhead Loose On The Road

Long weekend. Double demerits. You'd think that people would be a little more careful on the roads. No, not Richard I-won't-tell-you-his-last-name-but-it's-the-same-as-the-most-famous-male-porn-star. As Yu-Jin and I were heading to Whaleback Golf Course to make use of the driving range, yes I paid to seemingly senselessly hit a bucket of balls into the distance, I decided to wait for a car about to enter a roundabout. I could have gone but I wasn't in a hurry. A few seconds after I had stopped, and the other car had entered the roundabout, I was rear-ended by Richard in his City of Canning Security car.

So, I pulled over to inspect the damage. Not much wrong with my vehicle. I was worried about the bumper and the lights but they were all intact. There was some markings on the tow ball but otherwise ok. Luckily my driver's side airbag hadn't inflated.

Few markings to the tow ball.

The other car had a dent in the front bumper. Richard didn't even say sorry. Being in a bit of a mood I asked him some questions.
"What's wrong, my brake lights not working?"
"Didn't you see the car entering the roundabout? You give way to your right, you know."

Thankfully, it didn't affect my golf, I'm happy to report.

Isn't the City of Canning Security company supposed to be protecting the residents of the City of Canning rather than running into them on the road?

Today I rang the office wishing to speak to Richard's manager. I want to hear what sort of claim he has put in for insurance. His boss needs to know that he was rather careless out on the road. Not sure whether to tell the police or not. If I tell my insurance company they'll probably want to bump my premiums up. Richard answered the phone so I just gave him my work number and asked him if he had filled in his paperwork and needed anything. Didn't feel like asking to be put through to his boss - how could I trust him to do that anyway?


Hammysmum said...

Love the cobweb. Need to do a little house work, oe is it car maintainance?

gleek said...

geez, what's wrong with weekend drivers? they seem to lose their good sense on saturdays and sundays!

Joe said...

Then again, it could be that by bumping into you Richard actually saved you from a worse accident later.

The Canning Security company - causing accidents to protect our clients since 1965.

Hammy said...

Ma - the spiders make sure that there are no flies on me, er, my car.

Gleek - It's the holiday Monday drivers that you need to look out for.

Joe - You may be onto something there. I think they've only been in operation for 5-10 years so they are still honing their skills. Or maybe the security guard didn't have proper training as he'd only undertaken a crash course.

When I prompted Richard yesterday about not even saying sorry his only response was, "I am sorry for what happened." Yeah, he's been drilled not to admit liability.

Hammysmum said...

Dad says you should check the towbar, to make sure it has not been cracked. Did I tell you about the dirty great Huntsman that was on our car when we called into Deb's on our way home from Adelaide, last month? Yikes!

Hannelie said...

Sunday was our turn to see some idiots on the road too, a guy with a dog on his lap whilst driving (talk about obscuring your blind spot) and later a toddler jumping in the back of a dual cab ute, not secured in a child safety seat!
So sad they didn't get caught.