Monday, June 19, 2006

Quite A Full Weekend

The World Cup nearly fills up the weekend by itself. Friday night saw me fall asleep during the match between Argentina and Serbia & Montenegro. I missed the last half an hour and three goals. Not to worry. It was a good match up until that point with three goals anyway.

We went shopping on Saturday morning and then off to taekwondo following lunch. Then it was a hurriedly prepared tea for Yu-Jin so that we could drop him off at his friend's house to allow us to go to a 40th birthday party at the WA Rowing Association. A lawyer friend of mine, Jeremy, and no I don't have need of his services (although I spotted John Kizon the other day in Subiaco), whom I met at the Dover Castle in London in 1994, was turning 40. It's funny as I only catch up with Jeremy every four years for the World Cup. We did go to a few Perth Glory matches though.

Miky and I went and it was a little difficult as we didn't know anybody else. Not the sort of circles that I normally mix with. I did find that lawyers, as many of the guests were, can be quite rude. On a couple of ocassions we'd be in the middle of a conversation when somebody would interrupt and hijack the conversation and we'd get an apology for their butting in if we were lucky.

Felt like an extra groom at a wedding, or something to that effect. Miky spotted a couple who looked nice and walked over and said, " We don't know anybody and just want to talk." Perfect icebreaker. Lovely people also.

There was a very interesting speech from Jeremy's father and one of his oldest friends from uni. I am glad that I attended and we'll have to get together for a pizza night.

Sunday morning saw us do the fruit and veg shopping in Subiaco and we had a lovely pupusa from a stall selling food from El Salvedor. Couldn't get an empanada like in England from the Colombian restaurant as we would have to wait an hour. The Colombian place was just around the corner from the Dover Castle in London, as it turns out.

Went to pick up Yu-Jin and he had some kiwi fruit to eat which appeared to give him an allergic reaction. He didn't feel too well for the next 30 mins or so. We'll have to get to the bottom of which allergies he has. I was nagged enough to paint the toilet walls but the damp coming from the bathroom, which I addressed last week, meant that lots of plaster had to be removed first. Patched all that up and need to wait at least 24 hours before painting.

As a family we went for a long walk around the nearby cycle/footpath. About five kilometres worth anyway. Set us up just nicely for tea. After playing some card games I read Yu-Jin a bedtime story about vampires. Here's the kid's reading list from his last visit to the library - vampires, ghosts, mosters and dinosaurs. At least he doesn't experience bad dreams. The ghosts book shook me up a little bit. Early bed for me.

Midnight was time to get up to see Australia vs Brazil. The referee treated Brazil as a protected species, that's for sure. Not that Vince Grella didn't deserve to get sent off (he wasn't even booked!) but we should have taken our chances and scored at least one goal. Harry Kewell, were you sleeping on the job? We went down 2-0. How embarrassing to have a bloke by the name of "Fred" score against us. Took a little while to get to sleep around 2am.

About twenty past five I got up to watch Korea vs France and to prepare for work. France were very smooth in the first half but Korea deserved their second half goal to level the scores and force a draw. Ten minutes after the football finished it was out the door for bus/train/Shanks' Pony to go to work.

On the train I saw a funny Aboriginal. He was quite short, had long hair and a bandana and was draped in an Aboriginal flag. In his good hand he carried a digeridoo. It was obvious that he had great pain and could only use one arm properly. Then he proceeded to tell his life story to a schoolgirl. It included being hit by two cars, a 4WD, falling backwards through a window, overdosing at the age of 21 by popping pills, etc. We were enlightened to the fact that he doesn't smoke dope anymore. Interesting life story. I hope there are more of these stories to share with my week of using public transport. On Friday I waited 45 mins for a bus that never turned up before walking home and having Miky give me a lift to work where I was 40 mins late.

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