Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm Tired - Been Watching Too Much Of The World Cup

I knew yesterday that I was tired from watching the World Cup until late in the night and then getting up early to watch the replay of the late match before heading to work. I knew I was tired because I made an omlette and forgot to put the eggs into it. My omlette contained cheese, mushrooms and soy sauce but, strangely enough, no eggs. Soon rectified the situation.

Those who think that time can't go backwards should try waiting for a CAT bus in Perth. The Yellow CAT was only 13 minutes away on Saturday, following Yu-Jin and my haircuts in the city, and the Red CAT was 24 minutes away. The countdown went down and up. To see the clock go from 9 to 10, back to 9, back to 10, so on and so forth, makes me think that Einstein may have to rewrite some formulae. As it turns out the Yellow CAT only arrive one minute before the Red CAT, which appeared to countdown normally. I believe that the bus has some sort of transponder which signals how long it is until it reaches the stop that you are at. Unfortunately it is not an entirely accurate way of doing things.

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