Monday, June 12, 2006

Take That Japan

Not the headline that I really wanted to type. I, along with probably a few million other Australians, have just finished watching the World Cup match between Japan and Australia. Don’t think I’ll get a lot of sleep tonight as it will take a while for the excitement to die down.

A controversial goal to the Japanese early in the game didn’t sit well with most viewers from this country. Mind you, I think Schwarzer, the Aussie goalie, made a bit of a meal of it but there is little doubt that he was blocked and impeded. The goal shouldn’t have stood.

The Aussies maintained possession but the Japanese were quite dangerous on the counter attack. I’ll give it to them that they are very fast and defend quite well. On the attack they are a real worry. The Japanese coach, Zico, thought that the Japanese would handle the humid, hot (35 degrees) temperature better. Let history show that for the last ten minutes of the game the Aussies ran it out and slaughtered the Japanese. Three goals in eight minutes demoralized the opposition. What a barnstorming finish. Cahill, followed by Cahill followed by a scything run by Aloisi. How sweet it is. Especially with six minutes until full time and we were looking out of it.

Take that Japan. Asian champions my arse.

The best result possible.


Hannelie said...

I didn't see the match, I don't follow soccer, or football, or rugby for the matter, but I was pretty darn impressed and proud!!
Go Socceroos!!

Hammy said...

Although the world knows it as football they will learn who the Socceroos are. Hopefully. It's unfortunate that we are in a transitional period but our national team certainly doesn't want to be called the Footballroos.

You're going to have to get with the program, Hannelie. Ha ha. At least it wasn't one of the late (early) games.

Hammysmum said...

No doubt it made for very exciting soccer, but why leave it till the last six minutes, to really get in to gear?! I was told the teams were pretty evenly matched. Go Aussies, go! Had a feeling you would sit up and watch the game.

Hammy said...

At least the match was on early enough.