Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Know How To Enjoy A Long Weekend

We had a long weekend this last weekend to celebrate Foundation Day. Something to do with the early settlers landing around the Fremantle area for the first time. Don't ask me, I'm not a Western Australian.

On Thursday night Miky had been given a document to translate. I played volleyball where we got hammered. Our opposition served very well but once we got the serve back we were in the game. Lost four or five sets to nothing. Terrible really.

On Friday night whilst Miky was doing her translation I picked up Yu-Jin's friend Jesse for a sleepover. The boys were still talking at 11pm when I hit the sack. By that stage they had been talking in the dark for 30 minutes and I have no idea what time they went to sleep. Miky went to a friend's house to type up the document in Korean and rang me at 3 o'clock for a couple of definitions. The boys awoke at 7 o'clock. They played games and ate lots of breakfast. About 10:30 Jesse's mum came to collect him.

Following lunch Yu-Jin went to taekwondo and we went shopping. Miky wanted to celebrate being paid for her translation with her friend and two kids. Big mistake trying to locate a restaurant on a Saturday night without having a booking. It didn't matter where we went, apart from a Korean restaurant that they weren't interested in, everywhere was fully booked. After an hour of going around Vic Park we decided to buy some Japanese food and pizza. I waited to be served at the counter for a couple of minutes before somebody served me. I said that I wanted a couple of pizzas and the guy asked me if I had ordered them. "No, I've been standing here being completely ignored," was my reply. Went back to our house to eat tea.

Sunday we wandered down to Bunnings to get some sealant for the bathroom to stop the walls from cracking in the toilet. Need to stop some water ingress. Best idea to seal the tiles and paint the wall. Once we got home I set a chicken florentine up for lunch and started emptying Yu-Jin's room in readiness for painting. Fun, fun, fun.

Had to do two coats of white on three walls and was hoping to get away with one coat of blue at the bedhead end of the room. It was too light and streaky so required a second coat and it looks much better and darker. Once the painting was completed, the major furniture put into place and the new bookcases installed, Yu-Jin and I went to the driving range. This allowed Miky carte blanche to throw out some of Yu-Jin's belongings that he is too old for.

Bedhead pre-painting.

Bedhead post-painting.

Bedroom corner pre-painting.

Bedroom corner post-painting.

On the way to golf I got rear-ended whilst waiting at a roundabout for a car about to enter the roundabout. The dickhead didn't even apologise. More about that later.

Yu-Jin and I started on the putting green and he was the only one to sink a long putt. The clubs are a bit too big for him though. I let him hit about 10 balls out of my bucket of 60 on the driving range. Pretty much every ball he hit went about 30 metres. I seemed to have straightened out my hitting a bit and the last ball of the night, from my driver, went straight and very long. Now, if I can just take that form out onto the golf course.

Yu-Jin taking a swing.

Yu-Jin took this photo. The shutter stayed open as it was dark. Kept my head fairly still at least.

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Hammysmum said...

I love the blue wall in your room, Yu-Jin. Very nice.
Love from Grandma.