Saturday, June 03, 2006

Do Chinese People Eat Pizza?

We had a sales meeting for our team yesterday and I thought seeing as we were having it during our lunch break why couldn't the boss put pizza on. And so he did. Interestingly the Dominos Pizza franchise in Wembley is run by a Chinaman. Talk about a rude bastard the abrupt way he talks to his workers. Not a lot of compassion shown.

Anyway, the order monitor had four names:

Shou Wei

My boss's name is John but a guy in the shop took that order. I thought that it was pretty unusual that two out of four customers were Chinese as I didn't think that the Chinese were big fans of pizza. It turns out that Han should have been Ham. Doh.

I will work for pizza so it was a good tradeoff. Nothing like a nice hot meal during winter, especially when the boss is paying.

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