Friday, June 02, 2006

Bit Of An Oversight In The Vanity Unit Planning

The new vanity unit looks nice. Apart from the flat top which looks like it came from a public toilet benchtop in the 70s. I did notice something of an oversight however. The shelves aren't big enough to store the 18 packs of nine toilet rolls that I buy when they are on special. Well, you can't even stand one such pack up. Hmmm, bit of a mistake there. It is lamentable that the benchtop space has been reduced by about a third but that will mean that someone will have to find a home for all of their crap, not mentioning any names, Miky. I don't understand why women need so many beauty products and can never finish the one they are using before getting another one from a different brand. Is there no loyalty out there in terms of what women use?

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Hammysmum said...

Spoken like a true male. Funnily enough, I, as a woman, do not understand all that, either. 99% of that stuff does no good.