Sunday, September 05, 2004

There's Been A Bit Going On

From The Mouth Of Babes

Had to get the plumber around again. This time for a third repair of a burst pipe that they mended. It split almost all the way through this time. Anyway, this young bloke came around. We had a chat and then I had to go to work.

Yu-Jin was coming with me and asked me, "Why does that man have chicken pox?"
I had to explain that they were freckles. Little did Yu-Jin know that the man was walking just behind him. Luckily he has two small kids and it didn't bother him.

The things that kids says sometimes.


St Kilda Football Club coach Grant Thomas said that his players would be coming back from Brisbane with respect. This was before getting on the plane and heading to Brisbane.

They came back with respect alright. Respect for Brisbane after being demolished by 80 points in a final between two teams who finished the regular season second and third. What a football lesson.

Al-Qaida Operative

You have to wonder about that idiot, Cornelius Horan, who interrupted the men's marathon during the Olympics. Is he an Al-Qaida wannabe? Doesn't seem to have any trouble infiltrating major sporting events, as he did at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, even though he is a known pest. What if he had a bomb vest? Al-Qaida want to keep their operations low-key but this guy seems to have no problem.

And what about the Greek judge giving him a one year suspended sentence? Suspended from what - a bridge, his toes, a wrecking ball on a crane? The less people like that running around on the streets the better.

Memory From My Childhood

I was making the bed yesterday, shock horror, when I recalled the words of my mother. When putting the sheets on she wanted me to make sure that I made "hospital corners". If she was to say that to me today I would want to know why I need to do hospital corners as my bed isn't in the hospital. At least I don't have to cook hospital food.

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