Wednesday, September 29, 2004

How To Try To Buy Votes.... And Make Yourself Unpopular

There must be a job up for grabs in Western Australia. That of Advisor to the Premier. We are about to have an election in WA, probably within the next six months. Geoff Gallop, the Labor premier, thought that he would make a popularist declaration a few days ago. And now he is not smiling at all.

The Perth Royal Show is nearly upon us. With the hugely expensive entry fee that is unpopular to boot. Geoff Gallop made an announcement that children 15 years and younger will be able to attend for free this year. Yep, the government dipped into our pockets and will fork out an estimated $1.7m for that. Obviously money well spent with an election looming thought his personal adviser.

Try telling that to the nurses who have been trying to get a wage rise for donkeys ages and have been refused because the government doesn't have the money. And didn't that spur them on with their protests and strike action. Well excuse me. Why on earth should a function like the Royal Show, a private business, be subsidised like the show. And come on, we are talking about $9.50 per child.

To obtain free entry you will require two coupons from the newspaper. It so happens that the paper to distribute the coupons is the Sunday Times which has a more favourable coverage of Labor's activities. The Worst, er, West Australian newspaper, which has a not-so favourable political comment upon Labor's activities, also offered to run the coupons but was knocked back.

The day after his wonderous, generous announcement, the premier was unavailable for comment. Why didn't the smug git have anything to say in his defence? It had blown up in his face so badly that he couldn't even defend his own actions.

On the news tonight they mentioned that 14 hospital staff had collected $10m in the Powerball Lotto last night. Apparently only one had told his boss to stick his job. Perhaps he was going to spend time at the Royal Show.

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