Monday, September 13, 2004

How Am I Going?

On two bloody legs! My car is cactus at the moment. I went to start it yesterday and all it did was make a "click" sound. Funny, tried it again and got the same sound. Had me buggered as nothing has been obviously troubling the car recently. I rang one of the local car parts shops, luckily they are open on Sundays, and he said that the battery was probably flat.

I drove to see them but they were closed by the time I arrived and so I tootled off to Super Cheap Autos. Had to run home and get the battery so that they could do a test on it. Got back to the shop five minutes before closing time. The test showed that the battery was ok. And it bloody well ought to be ok as it is a 2 year maintenance-free battery that is only 15 mths old. As it was a little bit low I bought a battery charger and charged it overnight. It was a tad difficult to get the security screen locked with an extension lead coming out of the laundry and the main door couldn't even be closed.

Jumped out of bed first thing this morning to reconnect the battery and give it a burl. "Click". Bugger.

Had to take the bus/train/feet to work today. Could be that way for the next week as I can't get to a mechanic until the weekend.

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