Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Shame On The Legal Profession

A few days ago a magistrate was found guilty of having sex with an underage girl, who was 15 years old at the time, some two decades ago. The magistrate, Michael Frederick, is now 57, was sentenced to three years jail.

Shame on the defence lawyer. Shame. Part of the defence was that Mr Frederick had been in a prominent position, done much work in the community (as evidenced in the article) and would suffer an undue loss of income.

So, is it ok for some unemployed scum to go to jail for the same crime but a rich, well-employed scumbag not to? His crime is the same but because he has more to lose he should be treated differently? I think not. He should have thought about his behaviour more strongly if he was in a prominent position. It's not one law for those in prominent positions and another for the scum of the earth.

Sentenced to home detention whilst waiting to appeal - I can understand that to some degree. He would face a tough time in jail but I don't believe that is the point. Anybody that goes to jail should be kept in safety.

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