Saturday, September 25, 2004

Brisbane Going For Immortality

If Brisbane Lions win the AFL grand final today it will tie the league record for four consecutive premierships with Collingwood. Although, when Collingwood did it there were only 10 teams and no salary cap. Now there are 16 teams and a salary cap.

My guess is that Collingwood would be first to complain that the Lions have $600000 a year more to spend in excess of the salary cap than other teams and that it wasn't like that in their day. Yes, but Collingwood would have bought the players that they had anyway. They've always been like that.

Go the Power. Port Adelaide was one of those teams that you either loved or hated and I had a hatred for them. Now that they are in the AFL and not the South Australian National Football League I have a lot of respect for them. And I love the way they play footy. Biff and crash, no prisoners taken. We'll see today though.

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