Wednesday, September 08, 2004

It's Enough To Make A Frugal Bastard Cry

The new Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre opened a couple of weeks ago. Yu-Jin and I went along as there was an exhibition to celebrate and it was free. Yu-Jin enjoyed getting balloons and there were a couple of exhibits that interested him. It was mainly about home renovations, mining companies and wine/cheese tasting. As he was suffering a bit from hayfever it was a bit much for him and we had to stop for a drink and some chips.

Strange as this may sound I didn't mind paying $3.80 for the chips as they didn't put the lid on the box properly and so we got more chips than expected. But the $3.40 for a 500mL flavoured milk almost brought a tear to my eye. You wouldn't pay any more than $2.20 anywhere else for it.

I hear that parking is $4.20 per hour. That's why we parked just outside the city for free and caught a free bus into the city. No point in ruining my reputation.

Australian Electoral Commission Form

This form came in the post from the Australian Electoral Commission the other day. It was a check on my enrolment details and there was a section that contained my details. They were all correct. There was another area that was set aside for remarks. So I wrote "Top bloke" in there. What a dill. I should have written "Frugal Bastard".

Animal Farm

I grabbed this DVD on the weekend. It is based on George Orwell's classic book, Animal Farm, which I read in school. I thought that Yu-Jin may enjoy seeing the animals talking. He did like it and it made him think about the way humans behaved. Maybe a little bit young to be thinking like that. I don't want him to turn into a Greenie.

New Smoking Laws

What about a bit of self regulation for the smokers. It seems that only non-smokers are making the rules governing where smokers can light up. It's about time we saw the smokers take some responsibility for their actions and imposed regulations upon themselves. They are obviously sick to death of being told where and when they can smoke and it would be nice to see them actually do something about it.

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