Monday, September 13, 2004

FB Strikes Again

I'm not one to turn up an opportunity, especially when it is going to save me money. I noticed that the fence next door was falling down badly. As I was weeding the front yard I saw my neighbour pop outside.

So I asked her about the fence. She replied that she needed a hammer to fix it. Well, I have a hammer. How about swapping your lawn mower for me putting the fence back up? She accepted that and got the lawn mower out for me.

About 15 minutes and I had the fence back together. She did ask if I would like to mow her lawn, if I still had the energy to do so. I said that that may be a possibility. (I did that once I'd finished cutting the grass at my place)

My grass constituted about three catchers-full, quite a bit really on a small block. It is only the second time I have cut the grass in two years of ownership. Just have to find the opportunity to swap some labour for the mower. I've just mended the fence enough to last until the next time I need to use the mower. I ain't silly.

Mind you, I did pay for the mower fuel.

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