Friday, September 24, 2004

Classic Bit Of Reporting

On the news tonight the reporter spoke about Lleyton Hewitt, the current world no. 3, beating the world no. 510 Medhi Tahiri (how far do those rankings go?) in 21 mins, 6-0, and "showing the gap" between the players in the rankings. Here's the match result.

So, how big is that "gap"? Obviously not as big as the "gap" between world no. 1 and world no. 4 during the US Open Men's Final. Hewitt, then at no. 4, lost the first set to Roger Federer in only 18 mins. Obviously there wouldn't be much difference between world no. 1 thrashing world nos. 4 or 510, would there?

Frugal Bastard Tip Of The Week

I've found a way to stay healthy and save money. My car needed to be filled with fuel the other day. There is a petrol station on the corner, which accepts discount vouchers, just as I pull into work. I noticed their price for fuel and during my lunch break I walked to another petrol station, only a few blocks away, to check their price. It turns out that they had the same price. Quick walk back to the car and off to the petrol station that was closest, so as not to waste fuel, and a quick fill-up.

I'm not just a pretty face. Come to think of it, I'm not even that.

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