Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Just a Few Things

Did I say that our seventh wedding anniversary was next Tuesday? Did I? I'm an idiot. It is in fact next Monday. Luckily Miky doesn't read this blog so I won't get into any trouble. Although, I am the one who remembers anniversaries better out of the two of us.

I'm Rich

I found some money the other day. Ten cents to be exact. Well, ten Singapore cents to be more exact. That comes to a total of 8.44841 Australian cents, according to my favourite currency exchange Website, xe.com. And that's not taking into account the fees involved with the currency exchange. It would be cheaper to have left it on the ground. Another one for the collection, I suppose.

Brownlow Medal Fashion

Definitely something for the guys to get excited about. Especially the winner's, Chris Judd's, girlfriend. What a stunning red dress. Or lack of it.

I wonder if the players who are gay will ever be able to bring their boyfriend?

Who Pays For The Funeral?

I heard a news report this morning about a man who attended his own wake. Some guy got killed after being hit by a train. His sister identified the body and they had the funeral. All went well until the wake. The sister went outside to the porch and her brother was sitting there. No, he wasn't a ghost, it was him in the flesh.

Who was in the coffin? Not her brother, that's for sure! She rang her son, who had been a pall bearer and they were just about to cremate the body. Not long afterwards her brother decided that it was time to leave. He appears to be a bit of a loner.

My question is, who pays for the funeral? It must have been a nice send off but the dead man, as yet unidentified, didn't have any family or friends present, unless by coincidence they were known to the loner, and being unidentified the funeral parlour wouldn't be able to bill the man's estate for the costs. Sounds like a costly mistake to me. All those tears over somebody they didn't know.

Glad that it isn't me paying for it.

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