Monday, September 06, 2004


While my boss was on holidays I had to work a bit harder. In the first week I only managed to get to have lunch once as there was that much work to do. Therefore, I had a few hours up my sleeve to use at my leisure.

At my leisure my arse. Not long afterwards Yu-Jin complained about a sore tooth. And it wasn't the two teeth at the back on the top that had a fair bit of decay. There goes my time off.

We weren't able to take him to a school dentist, even though he was attending kindergarten, because he doesn't turn five this year. Bugger.

So I went to my dentist. I did think that if Yu-Jin was going to use up my time off I would make him wait for me. We visited a company that built Miky's immobiliser and they cleaned up the immobiliser for free. Just a bit of water had gotten into it. Then we went to my accountant to do my tax return. For forty five minutes he had to colour in his Spiderman book and read other books. Pretty well behaved I have to say. At one stage he was counting pigs - eleven, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, nineteen, thirteen. It made my accountant laugh when I mentioned that he obviously isn't going to become an accountant. Or perhaps one in the Rene Rivkin mould.

We were a little bit early when we arrived at the dentist's surgery. The library across the road was open and we went to read some books. Interestingly we found a story about teeth and it helped Yu-Jin to understand what the dentist would be doing to him.

At the dentist I had to lie down on the chair and have Yu-Jin on my chest and hold him. The dentist's first reaction was that Yu-Jin's top teeth were decayed too close to the nerve and that he would have to go to a specialist. Then I got the news that there were two teeth on the bottom that needed to be looked at also. And he didn't want to do them.

That left me a little incredulous and I asked him if he would do the bottom teeth. I had given up my time off and the dentist wasn't prepared to fix my son's teeth. He said that he would try.

Yu-Jin was very well behaved for the first filling. The second filling involved the removal of some food under the gum and that hurt Yu-Jin therefore a few tears ensued. Following that the dentist said that because Yu-Jin was such a good boy he could come back and get fillings done on the two top teeth. Then he admitted that he was just trying to handball the job to a specialist as children are quite difficult to deal with. But Yu-Jin did very well. He was a bit disappointed that he didn't get a gun to put his teeth (or gums) to sleep. I had spoken about that quite a bit.

It turned out to be not a complete waste of a day.

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