Thursday, September 16, 2004

Nick Souter Has Disappeared

You heard right, Nick Souter is nowhere to be found. His blog has disappeared. I believe that it is for reasons of national security. You can still do a Google search for cached material that has been left scattered on the Internet. Perhaps the disappearance act is for his own safety.

Speaking of Personal Safety...

I finally got around to fixing the blown lamp (it's not a globe - a globe is a graphical representation of all or part of the Earth's surface [source - Ivan Huser, former electrical instructor at TAFE in Mt Gambier - he retired whilst teaching our class]) in Yu-Jin's bedroom. The damn lamp was black and broke in my hand as I was trying to unscrew it. So I put that piece in the bin.

The rest of it needed to come out with a pair of pliers, don't try this at home kiddies, and broke into more pieces. I was loosening the fitting so that I could get a better grip when all of the fittings fell down. Trying to stop everything from falling onto the floor I managed to cut the end of my middle finger and didn't the blood start pumping out. Miky was studying at TAFE and so I had to get Yu-Jin to put the bandaid on. I had to hold my finger together. He wasn't frightened of the sight of blood at all and was quite willing to help.

The normal bandaid wasn't too strong so I used one of Yu-Jin's Pooh bear bandaids and it worked marvellously. I thought that it was just a marketing ploy but it is very good quality. You could say that I had poo-pooed the idea of using something aimed at getting kids to put pressure on adults to buy them something because of the branding. Still not totally convinced.

It is slightly more difficult to type this blog as I have no feeling in the end of the finger. One sensory faculty down a bit on power.

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