Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jungle Defender - Beat My Score

Playing online games with the boy this morning and he chose to play Jungle Defender. You have a hut and a family to protect in the jungle. The zombies are attacking you. The more money you obtain the better weapons and defence you can buy. I became a bit bored after 50 levels. By 75 levels I was ready to give and I thought I'd go to 100 levels. Could have gone on forever but I'd been playing for about two hours and so just let them kill me. Ralph Shrock - I could have you on toast if so inclined.

Jungle Defender - click to play

Jungle Defender - Wave 101

Jungle Defender - The action

Jungle Defender - Score

Jungle Defender - High Score List


Anonymous said...

I rock but, in real life it is a jungle out here in America!!! You heard you can get shot at the mall, school or run over walking down the street!! We must protect and defend!! We must take the law into our own hands!! We are protected by Smith& Wesson!! Annette

Nick Souter said...

What a great little game! That's it, I'm going for the record! Nice work on the beard too by the way, have to start calling you ZZ soon!

Hammy said...

You're on Nick. Just like the good ol' days.