Saturday, January 19, 2008

Japanese Whalers Caught In The Act Of Slaughtering Defenceless Whales

There's been a bit of discussion regarding the Japanese whaling ship, or ships (I'm not sure how many are involved at the present time), whaling in the Southern Ocean. There is no need to kill whales, especially in the name of "research". Research for the palate maybe.

Well, they've been caught in the act. We have photographic evidence of the plight of the poor, defenceless whales and the ruthless hunters, the Japanese whalers. If you are offended easily or have a week stomach please look away now. The truth has to come out, no matter how horrible. See the pictures below for the true story.

Japanese whalers caught in the act

Bird's eye view of Japanese whalers

Defenceless whales being slaughtered by Japanese whalers

Another view of defenceless whales being slaughtered by Japanese whalers

Japanese whalers firing on whales

Another view of Japanese whalers firing on whales


Anonymous said...

Save a whale harpoon the JAPS!!!

Susan Ham said...

The question has been asked, what were the two protesters fed while in 'captivity?'Whale meat?

Nick Souter said...

Mate, you've been blogging 10 posts a day for about 5 years now, but in all that time I think this is the funniest one! I pissed myself (and I have high standards too!) Nice work! I'm gonna link it to my facebook site.

Hammy said...

Glad someone got a laugh out of it. We're not all serious over at the FB.

Hammy said...

Nick, the previous visitor to yourself was from Mt Gambier. Cue the Twilight Zone music.