Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not Something You See Every Day, Or Night

When we came home from our trip the other night it was a bit late which necessitated having the outside light on for a while to allow me to bring the luggage inside and to carry out a bit of watering. I had a bit of a surprise to view two daddy long leg spiders wrapping a dragonfly together. I didn't think that spiders cooperated in that manner. Most unusual. Ten or fifteen minutes later I saw the dragonfly wrapped up and the two spiders had moved off to the side and were having a fight. A few minutes after this there was only one spider injecting the dragonfly in readiness for a feed.


Anonymous said...

A giant Bull frog snuck into the garage and ate black widows until he was he died from thier poison. It is amazing what goes ont ha ha Have a great weekend!!! Annette

Nick Souter said...

hammy, log yourself onto facebook mate, you can promote your blog on there, plus i can send you some more off the good shit, such as this.... (the challenge is on next time we meet!)