Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger - You Pill(ock)

What a dill Heath Ledger is/was. He was found dead this morning in, apparently, Mary-Kate Olsen's apartment, or so the earlier stories went. I believe this may have been retracted. I had my suspicions when I heard that he was surrounded by sleeping pills and not diet pills. I guess we won't be hearing about this on E!-Online, or is that E-News!, as it has nothing to do with ecstasy. I did read that he's been linked recently with Lindsay Lohan but obviously there is no substance in that report. He mustn't have had the connections in Hollywood if he ended it all with sleeping pills and not something a bit harder.

I'm starting to think that maybe he was a Kiwi and not an Aussie. One news report claims he's a Perth boy whereas another tells of his troubles with the paparazzi in his hometown of Sydney. If all of Australia is claiming him then he must be a successful Kiwi.

I blame the Catholic Church for Heath Ledger's death. If they allowed masturbation he would have had a different pastime to while away the hours and boredom instead he resorted to pills.

Do drugs, do yourself in. Idiot. Or pillock. When are these celebrities going to do us a favour and live in the real world? Their fantasy world is not conducive to long, healthy lives.

Stay away from drugs kids. And perhaps the Catholic Church.


Anonymous said...

One person said he had to have real gay life sex for the gay cowboy movie. I doubt that. They did kiss though. He was just trying to stay too thin and not eating right.. so, he got sick and you tough Auzzie's won't go to the hospital!! I hope you will if you get sick. It does'nt make you less of a man. It makes you a tough man that is alive. How tragic. Annette Only the good die young.

Anonymous said...

You're all heart and compassion, aren't you? And, what makes you think it is only the Catholic church that is averse to masturbation? Any decent well balanced person would find the practice abhorrent!

Hammy said...

Sorry, the compassion tank is running a bit low at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Hammy never fails to give me a good laugh!!! It is better to have a bed mate than play with your hand no matter what religion you are!!! Maybe he did not get enough sex from a woman and his hand got him sick ha hha ha ha Sad reality possible!!!