Friday, January 04, 2008

Mischa Barton's New Role

When I heard the news about Mischa Barton's arrest the other day I immediately thought that she was longing for her role in The O.C. and wanted to relive it in a new show called the OD - in reference to her being charged with drug possession.

Quite shocked to find out that she's only 21 as she appears to have been around forever. Never watched an episode of The O.C. myself. What possesses these young people to ruin themselves with drink and drugs?


Susan Ham said...

The trouble is, they get too much fame and fortune too young, and can't handle it.They also do not seem to have wise or truly caring people around them to guide them to maturity.

Anonymous said...

It could be religion, hating themselves for having to protray a difficult image, not being as popular as Hammy with a loving pretty wife and gorgeous son. The other reasons are weight issues we woman are facing. There are mental health issues (brain chemisty being off) or finding friends only like them for thier money. They don't like the real person. Have a good week Hammy. Be thankful you are so loved and cared for. We are the lucky ones Hammy!! Annette