Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Drinking Problem At Collingwood?

I laughed when I read that Eddie Maguire, President of the Collingwood Football Club and boss of Channel 9, otherwise known as Eddie Everywhere, says that there is no unhealthy drinking culture at Collingwood. I don't know what is healthy about a 19 year old player being charged with drink driving. And it's not the first incident. This has probably cost the club $1 million in sponsorship from the Transport Accident Commission - TAC.

You're a joke Eddie and so is your team. Pull your head out of the sand, or your arse, wherever you've put it. I wonder how the sponsorship from Emirates is holding up? I wouldn't have thought that they'd have a bright view of the drinking problems considering the view of alcohol consumption in that region of the world.

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Anonymous said...

You booze, then you lose!! I am glad you don't promote drunks. Look at Britney Spears here in the US. What a mess!!!