Saturday, January 12, 2008

Funny Place Names In The World

The boy and I were looking up Heidelberg in the atlas as I just received a card from a friend there. Whilst we were doing that a couple of funny place names caught our eye and so we found ourselves searching for more for about an hour. Some of the best we discovered:

Todtmoos - does this mean "dead cows"?
F├╝ssen - very particular people live here.
Worms - I am lost for words. Perhaps the dogs all walk around dragging their bums on the ground.
Bad Kissingen - the inhabitants here are not particularly good at touching one's lips.
Dingolfing - people play golf very loudly here. I read it first as Dingofling - throwing dingoes.
Landshut - you can't visit the land as it's not open.
Boxberg - something made of cardboard that polar bears don't float on.

United Kingdom and Ireland

Worms Head - what you see an awful lot of when something interesting to worms takes place above ground.
The Mumbles - lots of old, deaf people live hereabouts. Not to be confused with the township of people who complain constantly - The Grumbles.
Limerick - everybody speaks in funny phrases of five lines in length with lines one, two and five rhyming as well as lines three and four rhyming.
Biggar - a fishing town with stories to match.
Kilmartin - the townspeople have a grudge against anyone with the name Martin. General population has the surname McCoy.
Wigtown - my mate Barrie lives there.
The Mullet - horrible short sides with a long back haircuts are popular with the populace.
Dunmore - people always blame themselves when somebody dies and question whether or not they could have assisted better.
Dumfries - chefs in this town aren't particularly good at cooking chips and blame the finished product.
Kilcock - the rooster is for it in this town.
Hag's Head - attractive women are difficult to come by in this town.

United States of America
Leggett - what to do when you've been spotted by the police when committing an offence in this town.
Jackpot - Jack is the name of the local drug dealer.
Winslow - winners aren't necessarily the first to finish here.
Bend (near Crooked River) - in the interests of maintaining the family-style of this blog I won't make any crude comment on this. Just thought the name was funny.
Searchlight - all utes must be fitted with them. Sister city in Australia called "Spotties".
Hopland - fair number of amputees stationed here.

Fatunda (Democratic Republic of Congo) - a place, usually a barrel, where one can hide ones extra weight. Not necessarily round as that is Rotunda which is found in Birmingham.
Waka (Sudan) - strange people who enjoy a practical joke.
Waat (Sudan) - the populace is rather hard of hearing.
Likimi (Democratic Republic of Congo) - whatever turns you on.
Leek (Netherlands) - what one does if one has had too many beers or what the dyke does if you remove your finger.


James said...

Suppose it beats reading the Guinness Book of World records just to find the miskates, Huh Hammy.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Loveland,Colorado where everyone is in love. There is a town called Christmas here in the US too. Wow good info. Thanks and enjoy your weekend. There is also a cool comic Called Baby Blues with a little boy named Hammy spelled Hammie that is good. Annette