Sunday, January 06, 2008

Golden Compass - Movie Review

It's the movie season and we went to see The Golden Compass yesterday. The clips advertising it made it look quite enchanting and action-packed. Wikipedia has a great article with a plot spoiler. It is based on the novel Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.

Visually spectacular it hasn't done well at the U.S. box office but they may have something to do with Nicole Kidman playing a major character. Her acting is so hollow. I watched it despite her involvement. The movie started slowly but when the action started it was fantastic.

Pity the ending appeared mid-movie with an obvious agenda of doing a sequel. I read that it is the first part of a trilogy. The ending just made it appear like a half-finished work which was quite disappointing. Great story up until then. Another thing to put a dampener on the movie was a retarded person sitting quite nearby moaning and groaning a lot. I was more than a little pleased that the group he was with left the cinema after about 30-40 minutes. Times like that make you think investing in a home theatre is a good idea.


Anonymous said...

I think your prejudice it showing.

Hammy said...

Where, where is the prejudice showing? I'll have to cover it up. You can't run around the streets exposing your prejudice? He he.

Susan Ham said...

The people who think they know about such things, say Nicole 'stinks' in every movie she has made since BMX Bandits.

Anonymous said...

Ya that could be better. A home theater is the best. They allow retards in the movies??? They make them leave here. "National Treasures" is a great movie you may want to see. Annette