Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bikini Girls Massage Full Body

Catchy title, eh? Should send a bit of traffic my way. Arose early this morning and decided to walk to the post office to check the mail. Must be a New Year's Resolution thing, I dunno. Whilst walking through the adjacent car park a few leaflets on the ground which grabbed my attention. I picked one up and had a read. Obviously the headline is supposed to catch your eye and you don't bother reading too much more into it. I took the time to read the whole leaflet and was appalled by the grammar, or lack thereof.

And they are looking for 16 year old girls to work in this industry? This ad is wrong on so many levels. Fact, they're offering immediate starts for 16-30 yrs females. Firstly, there is age discrimination involved here and secondly, there is an element of gender bias. Exactly what "products" would you need to ensure that the "girls" were catered with? Does the fact that "girls" is in quotation marks mean that trannies could get involved?

Love the "This brochures (sic) is the property of Joe Blow Distributors (Victoria - Australia).

For three hundred dollars a day I might think of joining this business. The bikini could be a problem but maybe I could do a topless bikini massage, i.e. in briefs. Or perhaps based on the 16-30 yrs females required for immediate start they have enough blokes employed and not enough female customers. Damn. Just my luck. All of it bad.

Bikini Girls Massage Full Body pg 1.
Bikini Girls Massage Full Body pg 2.

I'd be fairly certain that they've just grabbed an image from the Web to advertise. How could you have a massage done by someone filled with so much silicone and collagen that they couldn't move properly?


Anonymous said...

Beyond gross. Are they like those escorts here in the US that get put in jail for selling sex with a massage?? Hammy you could do it I am sure but, wouldn't your wife get jealous and expect a massage too?? ha ha ha Annette P.S. Where is our Nude Hammy image with that ad??

Hammy said...

There's no likelihood of me joining Naked Friday blogging. The ad was rather reminiscent of Japanese phone booths full of business cards of scantily clad girls although on a much larger scale. At least the Japanese girls are attractive, not like the plastic non-fantastic model in this ad.

No sex was mentioned in the ad but the "products" mentioned concerns me. I'm not sure where our laws are exactly when it comes to brothels as they are all over the place. Not something I encourage, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Darn no naked Hammy on the Web cam?? We are really missing out. Those Japaneese have real nasty old dirty sex toy catalogs. They are on if you have not seen them ha ha ha ME