Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bunbury Trip 2007

Following Christmas, the start of the Boxing Day Test and the post-Christmas sales, it was an ideal opportunity to drive a couple of hours south of Perth to Bunbury for some R&R. In fact, we had no plans to do anything there for the four nights that we stayed. Our choice of accommodation was the Lighthouse Beach Resort situated in the northern part of town and overlooking much of Bunbury. We made use of the indoor pool, spa and sauna. Much of the day was spent window shopping.

Map of Bunbury from the Bunbury Visitor Centre.

Bunbury Lighthouse

Lighthouse Beach Resort Hotel and Bunbury Lighthouse.

Setting sun over water in Bunbury (Geographe Bay)

Marlston Hill Lookout

Next day we visited Jetty Baths, a beach situated at the harbour. There was a lovely playground for children and shelters for families to stay on the beach and out of the sun. Why couldn't they have something like this in Perth? The water was quite murky even before you reached a depth that you couldn't touch whilst keeping your head dry. In the water were some fish, a couple of crabs and some really strange creatures that looked like clumps of sand. We climbed the Marlston Hill Lookout on Apex Drive later and the view is quite spectacular, although windy. Bunbury certainly would be well placed for a wind farm.

Beach at Jetty Baths in Bunbury.

Overlooking Outer Harbour from Marlston Hill Lookout

On our last day prior to leaving, New Year's Eve, we undertook some touristy things. We visited the old timber jetty, Koombana Beach to view dolphins (failed to sight any), the mangroves nearby, had lunch in an old Tuart forest at Maidens Reserve followed by an hour or so at the beach set within 150 million years old volcanic rock between Rocky Point and Lighthouse Beach. Miky sat down in a gap between the rocks as it had nice, calm water. Nice, calm water that was until a wave suddenly filled it up and buffeted against the rocks. She came out looking like she'd visited a cafe at San Francisco Zoo.

Crane at entrance to Bunbury Timber Jetty.

Bunbury Timber Jetty.

One man died last year on the jetty. I'm not sure whether it was closed to the public at the time.

Mangrove boardwalk on Koombana Drive.


Old Tuart forest at Maidens Reserve

300-400 years old Tuart trees.

Volcanic rocks at Rocky Point to the west of Bunbury in Geographe Bay

Waves pounding volcanic rocks

These 150 million years old rocks are situated on Lighthouse Beach.

Another Wave pounding volcanic rocks

Small inlet between volcanic rocks at Rocky Point

Is this a trilobite?

Trilobites are supposed to be extinct.

Crabs on Lighthouse Beach.

We had such a relaxing time in Bunbury and spent many hours in and around the pool. Some beaches were a little too rough to enjoy but it wasn't too hot with the temperature hovering around 28-32 degrees Celsius. I thoroughly recommend Bunbury for a few days away.

Redneck waterskiing - Bunbury style.


Anonymous said...

How many windows did you buy?

Anonymous said...

Fascinating Hammy!! Annette

Hammy said...

Didn't have room in the car for any windows so we didn't purchase any. If we had purchased a window I'd need to buy a wall to go with it and that means at least two more walls and a roof. Too much expense involved.

Susan Ham said...

I gave you some Bunnings vouchers. You coulda used them!

Susan Ham said...

Have you tried enlarging the chequered light house and scrolling it up and down? Nifty!

Hammy said...

Not sure what you're on about with the scrolling of the lighthouse as my browser automatically resizes the picture to suit the screen size. Never mind.

Susan Ham said...

Remind me to show you when you come over

Anonymous said...

I found this while searching for trilobite images. Yours is not a trilobite, it is a n animal called a chiton. Chitons are molluscs. They live like some snails, rasping organics from rocks and other hard substrates.
Sorry to post this so long after the fact.

Oct. 7, 09

Hammy said...

Thanks for the professional advice Anon.