Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ice Addiction - A Family Tragedy

Ice is truly addictive. It destroys families and ruins the health of the individual. Ben Cousins became addicted to ice. He's had to attend very expensive rehabilitation facilities in the United States to help him overcome his addiction.

I feel for him and his family and can relate to what he is going through. My son has an ice addiction also. There's no stopping him. He's into the freezer, grabbing the ice cube tray, down on bended knee trying to loosen the ice and pops it in his mouth. Minutes later he's back again. Six or seven pieces of ice at one sitting is nothing unusual. There's no stopping him. Perhaps the only way to help him is to buy more ice cube trays. Summer is the worst. Winter usually sees a lesser dependence on ice to the point where it's usage is refused.

Note to self - remember to firmly remove tongue from cheek.

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Anonymous said...

I cracked up when you said your son had an ice addiction. I thought you meant cocaine (ice is the slang word for crack cocaine here in the US) and I almost had a heart attack then I laughed when it was real ice. That is not so bad Hammy!! Annette