Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Perth's Newest Monument - Italian Abruzzese Association Statue

For several months during our lunch time stroll we have overseen the construction of what has become Perth's newest monument. It is a statue depicting an Italian family arriving as migrants in Australia. The Italian Abruzzese Association spent five years planning, building and fundraising for this monument and the finished product is quite appealing.

Italian Abruzzese Association Statue, Lake Vasto, Perth
Front view of Italian Abruzzese Association Statue, Lake Vasto, Perth

When we first noticed the construction work one of our group asked what was going on and we were informed about the plan. Apparently there was one town in Italy of 25000 inhabitants and 8000 of the townspeople migrated to Australia. I don't think they all came to Perth as that would account for all the residents of Mt Lawley and Wanneroo.


tmz_99 said...

lol @ Mt Lawly.. so true.. Waneroo Im not too sure about.... should put up a photo of a man with a mullet, shorts and a flannel shirt.. .

Anonymous said...

Wow that is neat!!Annette