Saturday, January 19, 2008

Australian Open 2008 - Interesting Match Tonight

Tonight sees the great Australian men's hope, Lleyton Hewitt, take on Creek Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis in the third round. Hewitt has a polarising nature - either you love him or you despise him. I'm in the latter court. He's an ugly Australian.

In the previous tournament he mentioned that he "was ready to take on the world's best again", and then promptly lost to an unknown. Baghdatis reached the final of the Australian Open in 2006 and he's ranked 16th in the world at the moment.

I will firmly be in the camp enjoying watching Baghdatis kick Hewitt's arse.

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Anonymous said...

That ugly bastard!! Someone give him free plastic surgery!! ha ha It's not how you play the game but, how you look ya that's it to win!! Not!!! signed somebody