Sunday, November 11, 2007

Real Federal Election Issue

The federal election is only two weeks away. When are we going to get to the real election issues? We've heard all the talk about health, education, nuclear power, water, aged care etc, etc.

Does Kevin Rudd, who is leading by some margin at the moment over incumbent John Howard, follow the cricket? Does he have the passion? Will he support the Australian cricket team and be seen watching them? Is cricket high on his agenda as the nation's top politician?

It has the same importance as Christianity has to becoming the President of the United States. If you're not a Christian then you're not ready for the White House. If you're not a cricket diehard then you're not fit for leading Australia.

It's a simple as that. So what is it, Kevin? 'Fess up.


Anonymous said...

Keep us updated!!! People are wondering if Hillary Clinton will be president but, that would mean putting a woman in charge!!! Like men will go for that!! Who is she kidding?? Annette Besides I'd be better at being in charge anyway!! HAMMY FOR PRESIDENT 2008!! So would you HAMMY!! Annette

Hammy said...

Bill Clinton is probably the only man who wants to see Hillary in charge. But he might not mind a bit of domination.

I won't be running for president of the US. Not only enough. Not born in the US. Not really interested in all the problems associated with the job.