Friday, November 09, 2007

New And Exciting Cricket Concept - Sideyard Cricket

The great Australian game of cricket is backyard cricket. It's quite often played in conjunction with a BBQ and friends/family. I remember having a big family get together at my uncle Pete's place and he had a huge, long backyard. It was big enough for playing cricket on and we had a great time.

But now Australia has become more urbanised and the backyard is being lost in suburbia and shrinking block sizes. What will happen to this great tradition? I'd hate to see it lost altogether.

Last week I bought a mini football and a cricket bat for the boy. He's been keen to play cricket and I didn't want to go to the park. The backyard, with the clothesline, trampoline and neighbours' yards wasn't an ideal spot either. We settled on the side area of the house. Not too many windows to damage, or plants, and only one light that could be smashed. As it turns out, because of the shade cloth enveloping the side, it is much like playing in the nets (cricket nets). And because you have no room to play shots sidewards it promotes batting with a straight bat. It's actually not a bad spot.

There you have it Australia. Forget about test matches, one day cricket, three day cricket, two day cricket, indoor cricket, Twenty20 and backyard cricket - go for sideyard cricket if you are pushed for space.

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Anonymous said...

Cool stuff, they don't do that in the US!!! Annette