Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Reading Puts Me To Sleep

I try to be a good father. Ever since the boy was little I tried to read to him before going to bed. Whilst I was studying at uni I found that it was me going to sleep before the reading was finished. About 30-45 minutes later I would wake up and have to go back to studying. Now the tables have turned somewhat. The boy can read and needs to do so for homework. The last couple of nights he has been reading to me and I've fallen asleep before he's finished.

I'm trying to be good. Honest. I can see why people read a book in the olden days before going to bed. Only trouble would be I'd be wasting electricity as the light would be left on for an hour or two before I woke up again. I can't explain why it makes me so sleepy.


Susan Ham said...

It's probably coz you are relaxed and tired. Bored, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Because it is old fashioned and boring. The internet is more fun and your computer is warmer than a cold book. When your body temperature falls you get sleepy.Don't be too hard on yourself you try!!! Annette