Thursday, November 29, 2007

Insulting Religion And Inciting Hatred - Really?

A British teacher is facing a fine, six months in jail or 40 lashes for insulting religion and inciting hatred in Sudan. Her crime? Having a teddy bear in her maths, English and spelling class for seven year-olds called "Mohammed".

Crikey Moses. How bloody ridiculous. Surely the Sudanese have allowed church and state to be a little too close. Is Islam really that strict?

I don't expect that the investment firm, Fat Prophets Australasia, will be setting up business in Sudan any time soon. More likely they would expand to countries where Buddhism is prevalent. And I bet God wouldn't be ordering a pizza in Sudan. I hear that Judas Priest has cancelled their tour of Sudan also.

Post Script

What this teacher should do is take the 40 lashes and call out, "Oh yeah, baby! Give it to me! I like it that way! Give it to me big boy!" Then perhaps a jail sentence is in order but not as it stands.

Old Teddy Roosevelt, whom the teddy bear was named after, would be spinning in his grave. Firstly known as a US President, then a teddy bear and now associated with a prophet at the head of a religion.



Tanzeela said...

"Is Islam that strict?", you asked?
Nope, it isn't.
Whatever brutality the English lady has been subjected to, is regime-constructed. Similarly, just like honour killing is a social construct. Both, together with terrorism are absent in Islam.

But, yes, the news propagators, the one-dimensional MEDIA, is beaming once again. Any news which defames Islam will be highlighted vividly and blown out of proportion. With the power of words, they shape perceptions and judgements. We are what we read, we are what we watch and we are what we hear. That is if we only stick one channel of information. But said tho', people at large are just too quick to accept and generalise.

On a last note, I'll be congenialand vote for WORLD PEACE.

Hammy said...


It made for rather a sensational story. I felt that it was more to do with zealots than the religion itself but had conveniently forgotten the role that the media was playing.

Anonymous said...

Yes they are TOO STRICT and there are Islam terrorist here in the US. They destroy lives. They also claim that if someone looks at someone so, they don't walk into something that they are a prostitute. That is pure bullshit. Censor me if you must Hammy but, there are some nasty people in Islam here. Annette The corrupt leaders are the ones that need the lashes (they don't practice what they preach).

Anonymous said...

Ya, they are LAME!!! Roger says ISLAM SUCKS!! Roger says I am a certified Muslim hater!!!! Take Islam to hell with you for your crimes dirty bloody bastards!!!

tmz_99 said...

so they don't like teddy bears?
those barstards!

Hammy said...

A teddy bear is supposed to be a figure of love. A teddy, on the other hand, has something else to do with love.

Anonymous said...

Hugging a teddybear is not sex. Tell them to STop the insanity!! Annette

Anonymous said...

What will they consider sex next petting a dog's head?? What a pile of crap!!!

E. said...


I'm wondering if you meant "reduce" or "cut back" with the chinese character below your profile, cause if you did, it should look like this: 减. The current one actually means "salty"!

I came across your blog by the entry on saving money. Lol. Will continue reading!

Hammy said...

Hiya E. I was actually putting the Korean family name "Ham". Interesting how similar the characters are.

E. said...

Ah! Sorry! Heh, I just drew a direct link to your blog name and the character meaning.