Thursday, November 22, 2007


The boy's class is doing limericks at the moment. He, or his classmates, have come up with some beauties.

There once was a girl called Mary,
Whose body was incredibly hairy,
She called for a razor,
But should have used a laser,
'Coz she was as hairy as Hairy McLarey.

Ok, I changed the last line for him but it was pretty funny. When we went for a walk the other night he wanted me to make up a couple. So, off the top of my head here's what I came up with.

There was a young girl called Sinead,
Who got blown to bits by a grenade,
There was a great deal of muck,
She was eaten by a duck,
They buried the rest of her in the shade.

There was a young man called Nathan,
He was the bravest man in Bonython,
At the Great Lakes,
He wrestled with snakes,
Until one day he was swallowed by a python.

There was a young boy called Yu-Jin,
Who was really quite nasty and mean,
He'd cut up garden snails,
Mix them with neighbours' mails,
And do burn-outs in his limousine.

I'd like to share one of my favourite limericks that I heard many years ago.

There was an old lady from Kent,
Whose nose was incredibly bent,
One day they suppose,
She followed her nose,
Because nobody knows where she went.


Anonymous said...

There was an old man name Hammy
Who used to not give a dammy
but, he gained a great wife and mammy So now he gives a dammy!!! His son is great too, so keep up the good work Hammy!!! Annette Ps. WE celebrate Thanksgiving tommorow in the US. I just want to say I am thankful for your sight. You are a great guy!!! Good luck!!! P.s. You are still young though. I am old ha h aha

James said...

Here's one I made up in year 6;

There was a young man from Spain,
Who went to town on the train,
When he came back,
He was carrying a sack,
Which contained spare parts for his brain.

Hammy said...

You have hidden talent James. Very well hidden. He he.